Manor in Stockholm

Härrastemaja Stockholmis.

Renoveerimine nii seest kui väljast. Kui ettepanek tehti, siis kahtlesin mõnda aega. Huvitav küll, aga viimasel ajal olen nõudlikumaks muutunud. Nii enda kui oma abiliste suhtes.

Vanuses ehk asi? Igal juhul kokkulepe oli, et saan vabad käed.

The soul of this 19th-century house was struck, when I became to remove partitions. Minimalism has its own charm, however, the spaciousness was missing there. There was a long way to go, but the result was even mentioned in a Swedish magazine.

But I found this project memorable because the owner wanted to give the house a new breath just because he wanted to sell it, but at the end of works, he still decided to give up on selling and decided to start from fresh with his family. Still makes me smile.

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